Nara Hotel

Special Offers

Special Offers

Japanese Bento -Manyo Lunch Box-

Bringing out the fresh taste of local seasonal ingredients, Japanese chef, Mr.Tanaka has created a Manyo Lunch Box with the feeling of Nara.

Time 11:30am – 2:00pm
Price JPY 4514
Place Japanese Restaurant Hanagiku
一段 Kakinoha-sushi, a mackerel Sushi wrapped with persimmon leaves,
   Grated yam, Dried persimmon, Dried yuzu citron with miso, Rainbow trout
   and Japanese pepper, Boiled shrimp, Green soybean
二段 Today’s Tohu, Soft yuba, fresh layer skin of soy milk,
   Mozuku, thin vinegary seaweed, Simmered food
三段 Grilled sierra with miso sauce, Deep fried fish and vegetables
造里 Two kinds of sashimi, slices of raw fish
焼物 A small casserole of Yamato chicken and yam- konnyaku with miso sauce
御飯 Miso soup, Rice and soybeans boiled by roasted tea, and pickles
宝石 Dessert

※All rice served is domestically produced in Japan.
※Ingredients may be changed depending on market conditions.
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