Nara Hotel



  • Former Daijoin Temple Garden

    Former Daijoin Temple Garden

    Built in 1087, it thrived as one of the major temples of the Heian and Edo periods. Part of the site is located on the Nara Hotel grounds.
    Hours: 9:00 – 17:00    Closed: Mondays

  • St Raphael Chapel

    St Raphael Chapel

    The chapel is located in the hotel’s garden, fully immersed in the local Nara character.
    The exterior incorporates Japanese elements that resonate with Nara’s historic sensibilities, while antique stained glass lets in soft light. The scent of Yoshino cedar also surrounds the elegantly impressive church, while an 1865 pipe organ delights with pure, booming tones.
    Seats: 70   Aisle length: 10 m   Ceiling height: 10 m

  • Hohrai


    Perfect for solemn Shinto wedding ceremonies, this space was inspired by Nara’s famous Kasuga Taisha Shrine.

  • Terrace Garden

    Terrace Garden

    Also accessible through the Kongo banquet room, this is a garden space suited for parties and other celebrations. Enjoy the historic Nara scenery and gentle breeze in this picture-perfect setting.

  • Main Dining Room MIKASA

    Main Dining Room "MIKASA"

    Nara Hotel’s traditional French cuisine, enjoyed in dignified splendor recalling the hotel’s founding
    Main Building, 1st floor; 85 seats

  • Japanese Restaurant HANAGIKU

    Japanese Restaurant "HANAGIKU"

    Select seasonal ingredients served on dinnerware of colorful beauty
    New Building, 5th floor; 60 seats

  • Tea Lounge

    Tea Lounge

    Expertly crafted Japanese and Western sweets with an expansive view of the seasonal scenery
    Main Building, 1st floor; 43 seats

  • Bar THE BAR

    Bar "THE BAR"

    Cigars and famous libations from around the world make for a luxurious evening
    Main Building, 1st floor; 43 seats
    ※Underage is not permitted during bar time.

  • Hotel Shop

    Hotel Shop

    Both Nara Hotel originals and beloved Nara-area souvenirs are available.
    Main Building, 1st floor   Hours: 9:00 – 17:00

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