A unique time that only exists here slowly marks the memory.


Photo: Nara Hotel Exterior view
Photo: Main Building
Photo: An example of Cuisine
Photo: An example of breakfast


Photo: Inside the Hotel

Photo: Inside the Hotel

Photo: Exterior view



  • Nara Park

    5 minute walk from the hotel

    Photo: Nara Park

  • World Heritage Site

    25 minute walk from the hotel

    Photo: Todaiji Temple

  • World Heritage Site

    20 minute walk from the hotel

    Photo: Kasuga Taisha Shrine

  • Mt. Wakakusa

    25 minute walk from the hotel

    Photo: Mt. Wakakusa

Photo: Nara Park


Nara Hotel is conveniently located in the middle of the city of Nara and is just a 15 minute walk or 5 minute taxi ride from Kintetsu Nara Station.

Location Map

Enjoy an extraordinary experience at a timeless classic hotel, divided into the Main and New Buildings.

All guest rooms
have Wi-Fi

Enjoy traditional French and Japanese cuisine using carefully selected seasonal ingredients.

Immerse yourself in a rich location surrounded
by World Heritage Sites and a classic interior.
Step inside and enjoy tranquility
that has remained unchanged for over a century.

Photo: Exterior view and decorations of the museum

Illustration: Nara Hotel Location

We offer meticulous hospitality in our six event venues
of various sizes tailored to your needs.

Photo: Banquet rooms